Residential 6 Star Energy Ratings
6 Star Energy Ratings

As of May 1st, 2011, the new 6 star requirement was put into place for most Australian states and territories. By May 1st, 2012 it will be a requirement…

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section j
Section J compliance

We provide BCA Section J Reports for our customers in Melbourne and Australia wide. Being a nationally accredited company under the ABSA and BDAV body, we are dedicated to providing the best possible service and solutions…

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Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
Multi Unit Residential Energy Ratings

We have completed energy assessments for a number of large multi unit projects during our 10 years in the industry and have extensive …

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BASIX Assessments
BASIX Assessments

BASIX was introduced to encourage sustainable residential development by New South Wales (NSW) Government. It aims to promote more residential dwellings by simultaneously reducing greenhouse gases and water consumption…

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ESD (environmentally sustainable design) reports/STEPS/BESS reports

NRG Efficient Homes is one of Australia’s leading building consultancy firms specializing in energy and building compliance for residential and commercial developments…

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Extension compliance
Extension compliance

Your home’s building envelope including walls, roof, windows and floor that are you planning to extend must be in compliance with the Australian energy rating standards of minimum 6 Star!
Each state has there own regulations in regards to energy efficiency compliance for proposed additions. At NRG efficient homes we ensure we keep up with all the current regulations. This ensures you get the most cost effective result and a quick turn around.


NABERS is a performance based rating system for existing buildings that rates a building on the basis of its historical measured operational impacts on the environment.

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Eco and Passive Solar Design Advice
Eco and Passive Solar Design Advice

A passive solar designed house involves no high-end technology and the expense incurred is similar to standard construction. An eco-friendly and passive solar design provides an energy-efficient house which can save hundreds and thousands of dollars of utility bills in the life of the dwelling.

Passive design
Passive design

The passive design uses renewable sources of energy like the sun and wind for various household activities like heating and cooling. It responds to the local climate and site conditions to maximize your comfort and health while minimizing the energy use.

NRG Efficient Homes - Energy Rating Consultants

NRG Efficient Homes are a team of energy rating consultants who are committed to providing you with the cost-effective solutions in sustainable buildings throughout Australia. Our team is dedicated to achieving the highest possible result by providing energy assessments and sustainable design advice to all the residential and commercial projects.

We believe experience is the number one factor in this forever changing industry. Our team ensures we stay up to date with all current regulations.

NRG Efficient Homes has over 10 years of experience in energy assessment which is why we have become one of the leading energy assessment companies in Australia.

Residential Building Energy Rating

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Australian Government in compliance with State and Territory Governments has developed minimum energy performance requirements applicable to the residential buildings. The Building Code of Australia (BCA) has specified these requirements which are amended annually, taking effect on May 1 every year.

Our 6-star energy rating and evaluation service are straightforward and competitively priced. A thermal performance assessment of your house is conducted using the latest FirstRate5 NatHERS accredited software once we receive your building plans. The residential energy rating report must achieve a minimum 6-star rating to achieve compliance. In case, if it doesn’t, we further offer a few cost-effective alternatives that will bring it up to the required level.

We are accredited to complete energy assessments in every state in Australia. Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Hobart.

Commercial Building Energy Rating

In addition to the residential projects, we also provide commercial energy rating reports for all commercial buildings throughout Australia. Our consultants facilitate the development of sustainability projects by taking required measures. Our strategic approach adds value to your project by helping you manage and control energy costs more effectively. We ensure that our services help you to achieve the required commercial energy rating for your project.

We are accredited to complete energy assessments in every state in Australia. Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Hobart.

Contributing to a Secured Future

We help the residential projects reduce global and micro-level risk by applying our understanding of the natural world. Our experienced energy rating consultants in Melbourne address the full spectrum of climate adaptation and flexibility to offer you a secured future through sustainable solutions.

Our analytical skills help us focus on strategies and programmes that further assist us with catering the respective needs of the projects. Our residential and commercial energy rating reports guarantee that your building gets required permits without any fuss.

Why Choose Us?

NRG Efficient Homes is a professional building energy consultancy generating residential as well as commercial energy rating reports for all building projects including residential projects in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and Hobart.

We are a nationally accredited company under the ABSA and BDAV body. We value superior quality customer service, a healthy and positive work environment and the use of energy efficient technology to deliver consistent professional and full value service.



What We Can Offer


Team designated for you is dedicated to you and all your requirements 24/7 and will not be working on other solution so maximal concentration is on your requirements.


With every requirement we check latest standards which we will implement in our work so we guarantee that our work is top notch by the latest standards.


Unique solution for alternative energy for your building with solution as result of over 10 years of research in the electrical engineering by leading world experts.

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Pamela Heart

CEO Director

We are pleased to say that work done by this company is outstanding. Everything what we asked was done on time and with high precision by the professional team. With proper briefing there is no room for any mistakes. During the project execution team has applied requested changes in professional manner.
Sandy Storm

PR Manager

We had requests in multiple industry branches and once we found Industry we were sure that we would need to talk only to one organization about all our needs. Industry with its branches in meta, electrical, oil, automotive, agricultural industry had handled our request from there. We are happy to say that every job was done on time and with high quality.
Mark Doe

Project Meanie

In the need of the total cultivation control and overseeing of the agriculture processes we've selected Industry which ended to be our best corporation decisions. All our problem were solved quickly and professionally by the Industry team.
Nick Star

Project Manager

In the need of large quantity of the metal products like profile and sheets we've found that all we need can be found by the Industry. Our automotive company with millions of cars produced each year has found suppler of the high precision sheets which can be used in all our cars.

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