Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) Report

BASIX was introduced to encourage sustainable residential development by New South Wales (NSW) Government. It aims to promote more residential dwellings by simultaneously reducing greenhouse gases and water consumption.

When Do You Require a BASIX Certificate?

You will require the BASIX Certificate if you intend to submit a development application to an NSW local Council to:

  • Construct a new residential dwelling like a single house, dual occupancy, townhouse or multi-unit.
  • Alter, enlarge or extend buildings with more than one dwelling (other than hotels or motels).
  • Undertake a development for the purpose of building a large swimming pool or spa.

Goals of BASIX Certification Programme

There are three basic goals involved in the introduction of BASIX Certificate Programme:

  • To reduce clean water consumption by 40%.
  • To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%.
  • To set standards for the thermal performance of the home.

BASIX Assessment

The development application process undergoes Basix Assessment which measures your proposed development for sustainability against the set Basix targets. And, achieving the set standards further promotes a reduction in water and energy consumption in homes across NSW. The assessment is based on the following criteria:

  • Location of the building
  • Orientation size of the building
  • Construction type of the building
  • Window size and type of the building
  • Landscaping of the building
  • Appliances used within the building

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    Basix Report

    Apart from this, it also considers thermal comfort levels which lessen the amount of energy used by dwellings in order to heat or cool the house to a comfortable level.

    BASIX Report by Our ESD Consultants

    At NRG Efficient Homes, we are fully equipped and licensed as BASIX certifiers. We can provide thorough and compliant BASIX assessments regardless of the scope of your home renovation or construction process.

    Our BASIX Report process includes some of the following features:

    • Providing a fast service for all the assessments including an initial assessment of concept plans
    • Use of the Simulation Method – NatHERS for input into BASIX
    • Preparing BASIX commitment schedules for inclusion on architectural plans
    • Discussing BASIX choices directly with you as well as the concerned developers
    • Providing direct design advice for BASIX compliance
    • Limiting commitments and making your BASIX Certificate Process as simple as possible
    • Liaison with service providers to determine service availability to sites
    • Amending certificates if required during construction
    • Understanding the costs of certain commitments and relaying these to you

    Our BASIX Report ESD consultants are amongst the most experienced in the industry. BASIX has been a focal part of our services and our consultants have been engaged in every imaginable scenario and project type. We have an extensive experience to deal in general areas including building systems, passive design principles, building materials and emerging technologies.

    To take the benefit of our extensive, accurate and experienced services, call us directly at 1800 434 110.