Professional ESD Consultants in Melbourne

NRG Efficient Homes is one of Australia’s leading sustainability consultancy firms specializing in energy compliance for residential and commercial developments.

We help you to navigate the often-confusing range of sustainability ratings, regulatory compliance, and design options. We help to improve your building’s energy efficiency rating by allowing your home to perform better by optimizing the thermal performance, passive design, and energy effectiveness of your development.

Our qualified ESD consultants in Melbourne provide an extensive range of performance simulation and advice on designs in order to measure the building performance at the stage of design documentation.

ESD is about optimizing function and maximizing efficiency. The factors that contribute to a greener environment are right thinking, the best use of technology, smart design, and the correct operation. Our ESD consultants in Melbourne have adopted a creative and market-leading system to ensure you with the best user comfort, overall operational efficiency and considerably reduced energy costs.

We have been successful in applying value management strategies to keep up with the code requirements in addition to offering large savings to the overall construction cost. Our ESD team of consultants is sharp at discovering new ways of designing the buildings. We are able to achieve optimal planning and a sustainable outcome through tactful dealing with planning submissions.

We pride ourselves on always putting you first and creating long-standing relationships built on trust and mutual respect. We have a lean construction approach to our projects in order to enhance the final build quality, operational, energy and economic efficiency.

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    Our ESD consultants in Melbourne offer accurate and reliable services including:

    • Residential 6 Star Energy Ratings
    • Multi-Unit Residential Energy Ratings
    • ESD (environmentally sustainable design) reports/SDA/SMP/BESS report
    • Extension compliance
    • Section J compliance
    • Lighting calculations
    • BASIX Assessments
    • Eco and Passive Solar Design Advice
    • Passive design

    Our record of delivering concrete solutions of energy-efficient homes is based on the following approach:

    • Investing in research and development to provide a solution to existing and new ESD control problems faced by different industries.
    • Ensuring that our ESD consultants are adorned with extensive and the latest product and industry awareness so that they can further recommend the most suitable product for you.
    • Offering value-addition to you through knowledge transfer and tips on ESD control, technical support, and customized solutions.

    Make your Building Energy-efficient with Our Services

    If you want your building to reach the minimum requirements as per the set Australian standards that too at minimum costs or if you are looking for an expert advice on how to improve your rating, our ESD consultants will guide you with all your requirements. Contact us at 1800 434 110 for further information!