SDA & SMP Reports

Residential, commercial and industrial buildings dominate the city’s redevelopment. These sectors are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.

To assist in reducing emissions, energy consumption, waste, potable water use and stormwater impacts, Victorian councils have introduced the Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) program and is now a mandatory process to consider environmental impacts in all building and planning applications at the planning stage.

Depending on the scale of the development either a SDA or SMP report will be required.

Both reports incorporate and address the 10 Key Sustainable Development Categories.

SDA reports and a more simplistic report and usually required for small/medium scale projects (2-9 additional dwellings or development/ alterations of a building between 500m2 and 2000m2):

SMP reports are a much more detailed report and required For larger developments (10 or more dwellings or development/ alterations of a building of more than 2000m2): an SMP report will outline the sustainability initiatives and ESD principles that will be need to be implemented into the development.

A GTP(green travel plan) will form part of the SMP report if required by council along with other required documentation and reports such as WSUD, BESS report, section J report  & NatHERS energy rating certificates

Majority of Victorian councils have now implemented the Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) policy however specific requirements can vary between municipalities.

Please feel free to contact NRG for the specific requirements to for your new development.

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