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NCC Section J Report

Section J Reports are used to determine the commercial energy rating in non-residential buildings. This section of the NCC Volume 1 sets out the Energy Efficiency provisions for all Class 3–9 buildings. It outlines all necessary approaches to gain compliance and satisfy state and local regulations.

NCC Section J Assessment Methods

There are several assessment methods depending on the size and type of building being assessed. DtS (Deemed to Satisfy) is the most common and cost-effective method available. Contact NRG Efficient Homes and we can recommend the best avenue to ensure your project meets compliance and is cost effective.

What is a NCC Section J Report?

This report sets out each part of the Section J requirements of the NCC and ensures your building complies with each part. For each requirement of construction development, the list of provisions and energy efficiency needs of the Section J are documented in the form of a report. This report is required by all councils and certifiers to be able to issue a building permit.

Who Requires a Report?

Any commercial building from Class 3 to 9 requires a Section J report to demonstrate compliance with Clause JP1 & JP3 energy efficiency provisions of the NCC Volume 1. The report is declared before providing a construction permit or certificate.

All non-residential buildings including healthcare, aged care, church, office, laboratory, retail, warehouse, factory, school and car park will require a Section J. Therefore, if you require a building permit for any current building construction, then a Section J is essential to obtain approval.

Section J Report

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    Section J Assessment Services

    • Complete building plans assessment
    • Accessible and concise suggestions to describe areas of non-compliance
    • Thorough NCC Section J Report to obtain a building permit
    • Expertise and Reliable Service to meet your project goals

    Covered in the Report

    • Part J1: Building Fabric
    • Part J3: Building Sealing
    • Part J5: Air-conditioning and ventilation systems
    • Part J6: Artificial lighting and power
    • Part J7: Heated water supply
    • Part J8: Facilities for energy monitoring

    What is a JV3 Assessment?

    JV3 is an alternative assessment method for commercial buildings, and is the non-residential equivalent of NatHERS modelling. It is often referred to as a reference method of compliance. JV3 assessments use a reference building to compare the energy consumption of the proposed building, while also taking into account the specific location and weather data of the proposed building. If the proposed building can achieve a lower annual load than the reference building then compliance is achieved.

    The JV3 uses advanced thermal modelling software and offers a more in-depth assessment and a much more flexible outcome. JV3 assessments are used for larger developments or when compliance via DTS elemental provisions is not possible.

    A JV3 may be used when a building’s design does not meet the DtS requirements under the NCC. JV3 assessments widen the scope for greater design flexibility, allowing for compliance approvals on designs that may not be feasible under DtS requirements, provided they don’t exceed the annual energy consumption of the DtS reference building.

    Please note, the JV3 can also offer significant cost savings on glazing and insulation compared to DtS elemental provisions method. JV3 applies to all buildings of Class 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 and is applicable to buildings of Class 2 and 4.

    How Do I Get a Report?

    An expert energy rating consultant is necessary to prepare this report. At NRG Efficient Homes, we have extensive experience providing energy rating reports, residential and commercial energy ratings, energy assessments and 6-star energy rating reports Australia wide including Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Victoria and across Tasmania.

    We are committed to providing reports with maximum approval rates using cost-effective assessment methods.

    To organise an assessment or discuss your energy reporting or consulting needs, give us a call today on 1800 434 110 or contact us online.