Sustainability Consulting for Better Business, Better World

Are you ready to increase your business value by creating a sustainable environment? We at NRG Efficient Homes provide sustainability consulting in Melbourne for businesses, commercial and residential building owners to help change inefficient practices, save money and improve sustainability.

We specialize in the design science of sustainable building that will increase resource reliably, improve comfort and minimise running costs. Using NRG Efficient Homes as sustainability consultancy for the commercial built environment helps to develop solutions to solve complex sustainability problems.

Our Sustainability Consulting Services

  • Sustainable Design Science
  • Operational Sustainability
  • ESD Strategies
  • Section ‘J’ (DTS and JV3) and BASIX Assessments
  • Building Modelling
  • Climate Responsive Design
  • Natural Ventilation Engineering
  • Building Performance Diagnostics
  • Thermal comfort analysis
  • Passive Heating & Cooling Solutions
  • Green Star Services
  • Presentations and workshops

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    Our Process

    • Strategic Planning
      With our range of strategic consulting services, you can set your approach to sustainability. We develop a sustainability strategy that works for every residential and commercial project.
    • Implementation
      This phase is the performance improvement phase in which our consulting services are designed to access your current level situation. It identifies the right circumstances to improve your sustainability performance.
    • Reporting
      We help you collect the data and compile the reports that will express the impact that your sustainability program is making. Hence, if you want to bring new life to your residential projects then our sustainability consulting services help to achieve it.

    What Makes Us Unique?

    At NRG Efficient Homes, we are committed to creating a positive influence on the world, so sustainability is at heart of our work. We deliver sustainable outcomes for both commercial and residential dwelling projects to make their business stronger.

    • Discovering clarity
      Using our powerful analytical skills, we bring focus to strategies and programmes by applying useful information to answer the user aims of a project. We connect with you to understand issues and assist to develop a work plan for solving these issues. Eventually, finding the clarity helps to maintain your dwelling project energy efficient.
    • Converting goals into action
      Our project delivery skill and strategic suggestions will convert sustainability plans into meaningful action. Due to our practical experience, we can help you to win community acceptance and attain compliance with energy efficiency performance needs.
    • Developing a secure future
      Secure your future by finding out how your residential projects can cut costs and boost productivity. This can be achieved by saving energy and materials, reducing and managing waste or increasing the energy efficiency of your building, only with NRG Efficient Homes.

    Contact us

    If you would like to find out more about our sustainability consulting in Melbourne and to get immediate solutions for long-term sustainability, contact us at 1800 434 110 .